System Monitoring

Ontai’s System Monitoring implements proactive, customizable monitoring for servers, infrastructure devices, applications, and log files.  Generate notifications when problems or changes are discovered that could negatively impact security, network performance, and the overall operations of the organization.

  • Monitors servers, workstations, remote computers, log files, applications, and network services
  • Remote monitoring of infrastructure devices such as firewalls, routers, and switches
  • Provides automated LAN Discovery, comprehensive reports, and easy and fast deployment based upon Ontai’s agent-based architecture
System and Performance Monitoring
  • Supports Windows, Linux, OS X, SNMP, ICMP, remote port monitoring, and custom monitoring scripts
  • Customizable monitoring templates speed deployment and ensure consistency
  • Alarm suppression ensures alarms are not generated during maintenance windows
  • Automatically alerts administrators to changes in hardware and software configuration
  • Customizable dashboards provide real-time status of monitored systems
  • Rich reporting features provide real-time and long term trend analysis

Log Monitoring
  • Monitor events from the Windows Event Log
  • Support for SNMP traps and syslog events
  • Advanced filtering capabilities reduce noise and false positives
  • Easily create custom log parsers for any text-based log file
  • Customizable alarm policies based upon system type, log type, and log content

Automated Discovery
  • Automatically discover all systems on the network
  • Drill down into individual networks to track new system events, identify open ports and services, and classify newly discovered systems
  • Generate monitoring alarms when new systems are discovered