Security / Antivirus

Ontai’s powerful Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware functionality enhances and extends support for the IT service delivery process by including essential security protection.

  • Security dashboard displays at-a-glance information on licensing, current and top threats, client version and definitions information
  • On-demand scanning, anti-spyware, virus detection, and Heuristic Analysis
  • Real-Time protection scans files as they are copied, opened, or saved. If a virus is detected operations are stopped and the virus cannot activate itself
Anti-Virus and Malware Protection
  • On-access and on-demand scanner detects viruses, worms, trojans, and root kits.
  • LinkScanner warns users when they attempt to visit sites known to contain malicious software
  • Email protection scans inbound and outbound email for dangerous software
  • Utilizes known signatures and advanced heuristics to detect threats
  • Phishing protection ensures that users are not fooled into divulging personal or company data
  • Low impact on system resources

Security Dashboard
  • Displays status of anti-virus clients, signature updates, license status and known threats
  • Centrally view and manage quarantined threats
  • Configuration policies control client behavior on desktops and servers
  • Define alarm policies to alert administrators to important security events