Remote Access and Support

Ontai’s Live Connect provides a robust single-machine interface to give full control of endpoints with minimal end-user interruption. The Remote Control and Remote Access features allow full remote utilization that even works behind firewalls and NAT without a VPN.

  • Complete remote access tools that features desktop access for full interactive remote control of the agent, ticketing interface, task manager, and audit information
  • Systems can be securely and non-intrusively accessed from anywhere
  • Minimal to zero end-user interruption

Remote System Auditing
  • Remotely audit hardware and software
  • View history of automated procedures on remote hosts
  • Track CPU and memory performance in real-time
  • Examine system logs for potential problems

Remote Management
  • Web-based management solution for desktops, servers, and mobile clients that requires no VPN
  • Remotely edit the Windows registry
  • Perform system management tasks without interrupting the user
  • View and manage running processes
  • Upload and download files
  • Access the command prompt

Remote Support
  • Work with end-users interactively to solve their problems
  • Access the ticketing system directly from the remote control interface
  • Support for text-based and video chat
  • Initiate network discovery scans from any managed host