Patch Management

Ontai’s Patch Management module automatically keeps servers, workstations, and remote computers up-to-date with the latest essential security patches and updates.

  • Automated patch deployment can be scheduled by time, group, or user-defined collection of computers and allows implementation across entire networks
  • Provides instant information on number of patches installed, missing, denied, pending, or failed
  • Interactive patch management can be selected to deploy by patch or by computers and networks across operating systems and locations
Patch Scanning
  • Scheduled or ad-hoc scans
  • Shows patches that are installed, missing, pending, failed, or denied
  • Automated discovery of installed and missing patches
  • Monitors patch compliance for desktops, servers, and mobile laptops

Patch Policy Enforcement
  • Approve or deny patches by severity, product, or collection of computers
  • Advanced filtering capabilities makes searching the patch database fast and easy
  • Default approval policies can fully automate the deployment of critical patches and security updates
  • Detailed patch information simplifies research and testing

Automated Deployment
  • Schedule deployment windows by time, computer, group, or user-defined collections of computers
  • Cache patches on the local network to save bandwidth and reduce deployment times
  • Pre/Post installation procedures lets administrators automate tasks such as backup prior to patching
  • Automated rollback of installed patches