Network Monitoring

Ontai's Network Monitoring solution provides a rich set of tools and reports for monitoring the performance of LAN, WAN, and VoIP systems. Without requiring any configuration changes to the network, our sensor can quickly identify a wide range of performance and connectivity problems that reduce the quality of network and VoIP communications.

Quick to setup and easy to use, our Network Monitoring solution will keep your network and VoIP infrastructure in optimum health.

LAN, WAN, and VoIP Monitoring

  • Monitor connectivity between the sensor and any kind of LAN, WAN, or VoIP endpoint
  • Generate alerts when network performance issues occur
  • SLAs for common network devices are included
  • Pathway diagnostics can find speed/duplex mismatches, saturated links, and problems at Internet Service Providers
  • Detailed historical performance data for latency, packet loss, and jitter
  • Monitor the route history between endpoints
  • Web-based console provides access to the monitoring platform from anywhere
  • Generate synthetic VoIP calls between sensors to monitor the quality of the network