Audit and Inventory


Ontai’s Audit and Inventory capabilities quickly and accurately take inventory of computers, services, and mobile devices to provide a complete understanding of the current state of all of your system endpoints.

  • Gather comprehensive data to expose security holes, examine hardware/software policy issues, and reduce interoperability problems
  • Run a complete inventory any time of day, even during business hours, without interrupting users
  • Perform flexibly over LAN, WAN, and the Internet
Hardware Inventory
  • Manufacturer
  • Bus Speed
  • Maximum Memory Size and Slots
  • Installed Memory
  • Processor Family, Maker, and Speed
  • System Model
  • Chassis Type
  • Onboard Device Listing
  • System Version
  • Serial Numbers and Service Tags
  • Motherboard Maker, Version, and Serial
  • Ports (number, type)

Software Inventory
  • Software Authentication Keys
  • Product Name
  • Version
  • Application Executable Name
  • File Size
  • Description
  • Manufacturer
  • Directory Path
  • Last Modified Date

System Inventory
  • System IP Information
  • DNS and DHCP Configuration
  • Disk Information - Volume Name, Size, and Free Space
  • PCI and Device Information
  • Detailed Printer Information