Customer Tiers

Bronze Service Level

As a Bronze customer, you can license the use of our suite of IT management tools for use with your own company or your customers.  Because the tool is delivered via the web in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, our presence is completely transparent.

This level is best suited if you have an IT staff that needs a comprehensive tool to make them more productive and efficient.  Acquiring the tool can be cheaper and more productive than hiring a new employee.  This is also good for consulting companies or startup Managed Service providers who want to convert to Managed Services.

Find out more about the capabilities on the Features page.

Silver Service Level

For our Silver customers, we perform remote monitoring and alerting of as much of your environment as you require.  When performance problems or service interruptions occur, big or small, we can notify you. If you require any kind of emergency response or remediation, we can perform it a discounted rate.

This level of service is ideal if you want somebody to keep an eye on your environment and get notified when problems are identified. It’s perfect if you want to relieve your own IT staff of the burden of 24/7 monitoring.

Gold Service Level

As a Gold customer, you can engage in a fully co-operative IT management offering.  We provide the management platform for you and work with your IT staff to manage the environment.  You’ll receive a pool of hours each month that can be used for managing your environment and responding to any emergencies that may occur. Even if you go beyond that pool of hours, you’ll receive a discount on Professional Services rates.

This level of service is ideal if you wish to augment your IT operations with a mixture of tools and people.  It’s perfect if you need access to specialized skills such as database, security, or Exchange support, but don’t need a full-time employee for the job.

As a Gold customer, you’ll receive CIO-level guidance without needing to hire one.

Platinum Service Level

As a Platinum customer, you receive a fully outsourced IT management solution.  Ontai will be responsible for the daily operations of IT including monitoring and alerting, system administration, and patch management.  Transformative work that may be tracked and billed as “new” and handled as a separate project under our other plans, such as an upgrade to Windows 7, building a new Exchange server, or provisioning a number of new desktops will only be billed at a discount to our Professional Services rates.

Platinum status is ideal if you wish to completely take IT off your plate.